Pink Kush – Indica Dominant – 28g – Deal of the Week


Pink Kush – Indica Dominant – 28g – Deal of the Week

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(5 customer reviews)

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Out of stock

Strain Info:
Hybrid   90% indica / 10% sativa
THC: 15%
Bud Size: 6/10
Trim: 5.5/10
Aroma: 5/10
Flavour: 4.5/10

1 Gram (Min 2g), 3.5 Grams (Eighth), 7 Grams (Quarter), 14 Grams (Half Ounce), 28 Grams (Full Ounce), 112 Grams (Quarter Pound)

5 reviews for Pink Kush – Indica Dominant – 28g – Deal of the Week

  1. Alwayshigh (verified owner)

    Great strain you can’t beat the price and product always fast & friendly service from the excellent delivery drivers !!!

  2. victhebruiser (verified owner)

    Wow awesome bag! Great deal 20 min delivery and tasty bud!

  3. inttepid (verified owner)

    1st bad review that I’ve given. 🙁
    First off…the product does NOT look like the picture…AT ALL.
    Second….it’s sticky…but not it the good way.
    Third…there’s more than a couple seeds. I seen at least 3 in the bottom of the bag and found 2 in the 1st 3 budz I pulled out to roll.
    And lastly there was a fair amount of shake in the bottom…I’m guessing that’s
    mostly due to the bad trimming.
    It does have a kind of minty pine taste. Is it a good taste?…I’m undecided..but it’s different….it hit’s smooth..maybe slight chemical taste …. maybe not flushed properly !!…burns nicely…the ash is right….so the chemical taste could be part of the flavour profile….or just my taste.
    The buzz for me is more of a head buzz but there is also a slight body buzz.
    & the buzz is very nice. All in all…I’d say it’s worth the cheap price of $110. Would I buy it again? ….. maybe
    VISUAL: 5/10 TASTE: 5/10 SMELL: 6/10 BUZZ: 8/10

  4. MD

    Ordered twice so far. Both times delivered one hour or less. Very impressed! Trying different strands etc. So far not too bad. Gummies work for me too. Definitely continuing!!

  5. inttepid (verified owner)

    to add to my review….my taste must have been off that night. The next day and the following days the taste and the smell has improved to, not bad…. So I’ll bump up my review to a strong 3 stars.

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