Kama Sutra – 14g only – BC Grown – AAA+++


Kama Sutra – 14g only – BC Grown – AAA+++

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Kama Sutra is a full-bodied indica with soothing and arousing effects. Created as cross between award-winning Sensi Star and pungent indica Reclining Buddha, this strain offers a potent, full-bodied high alongside a sweet and earthy flavor profile. Although Kama Stura’s THC index has been measured at between 14% and 23%, there appear to be high-CBD varieties in circulation as well, with CBD to THC ratios as high as 2:1. KS has a subtle aroma that flies under the radar with sweet, incense-like notes. On closer inspection, there’s also the rich and earthy suggestion of hash, perhaps due to the Afghani landrace rumored to be in parent strain Sensi Star’s lineage. When smoked, it may take several minutes before users feel a  change in mood. A sense of contentment may take over as smokers feel their muscular tension relax. Breathing may also happen more deeply and easily. Smokers may feel more physically sedate than psychologically stimulated, especially if consuming a high-CBD variant of the strain. This luxurious strain is best enjoyed in the later afternoon to early evening, as its palpable physical relaxation may eventually lull users to sleep.

Strain Info:

Hybrid – Indica 70%/ Sativa 30%

THC: 17 – 21%   CBD: 2%

*This batch contains mainly large and medium buds that are dense with good moisture %.


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