Hawaiian Punch – 14g – AAAA – BC Grown – NEW


Hawaiian Punch – 14g – AAAA – BC Grown – NEW

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Hawaiian Punch is a pure sativa that delivers a knockout of wired cerebral energy. Brought to you by the Amsterdam-based breeders responsible for Bubbleberry and Yumboldt. With a tropical citrus flavor and a strong, long-lasting high, Hawaiian Punch deserves a spot on any sativa lover’s bucket list. Its psychoactivity has been measured at between 15 and 25% THC.

Like the packaged fruit juice of the same name, Hawaiian Punch smells bright and tangy. Tropical notes of melon and pineapple waft up from the cured flowers, mingling with a sharp lemon zing. Refreshingly for those who are used to smoking indicas or hybrids, this strain is devoid of dank, skunky aromas. It burns with a smooth, easy smoke and tastes like clean citrus on the exhale. Tokers should enjoy this strain in a joint or a freshly-cleaned pipe to properly savor its unique taste.

Hawaiian Punch has a high that hits right away, hitting users with the force of its sativa energy. Smokers quickly detect pressure around the eyes and temples, accompanied by a sudden increase in rapid thought association. What follows is a strong, long-lasting feeling of focus that’s great for concentrating on complex analytical tasks. This positive, clearheaded feeling can also illuminate mundane chores like cleaning or grocery shopping. For some, Hawaiian Punch’s rapid “mind race” can be disorienting, but in the right set and setting, it can provide a positive psychedelic experience and an alternately introspective attitude. For those who feel the need to burn off this strain’s surge of energy, active physical pursuits are encouraged. Unburdened by couch-lock or heavy sedative effects, smokers report a sustained euphoria that is good for socializing and free-flowing conversation with like-minded (or similarly intoxicated) friends. Hawaiian Punch’s effect are said to be particularly long-lasting, even for experienced users. A consummate, wake-and-bake strain, this bud is best enjoyed during the day, as its buzzy effects will likely keep users awake at bedtime.

Strain Info:

Sativa 100%

THC: 20 – 25%



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