Blackberry Kush – 28 Grams – AAAA BC Grown – (New Arrival)


Blackberry Kush – 28 Grams – AAAA BC Grown – (New Arrival)

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Blackberry kush is a predominantly indica strain with buds covered in thin red hairs and lots of trichomes. The Indica heritage is clearly exhibited making users feel a strong couchlock body high. Even so, the strain still provides powerful euphoric feelings of happiness and an elevated mood really aiding with insomnia and chronic pain; so best use for it is at night. Sweat fruity and spicy aroma is very prevalent as soon as you open the bag. The flavour carries the same notes as the aroma meaning is a very good tasty bud. If you’re a fan of indica’s with a bright flavour, this strain will surely crack your rotation.

Indica-dominant Hybrid – 80:20

THC: 22%

Aroma: 7/10

Flavour: 8/10

Bud Size: 7/10


1 Gram (Min 2g), 3.5 Grams (Eighth), 7 Grams (Quarter), 14 Grams (Half Ounce), 28 Grams (Full Ounce), 112 Grams (Quarter Pound)


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